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Escape to the Cornish Coast

People ask me all the time 'How do you just write a song?' and there are two different ways I can answer it. The academic/theorised way of song writing, you know, 'there's a theory to music, chords that work well together and you need a chorus with a catchy tune' but that's not real, not for me - writing a song, creating any music is about feeling it in your toes. Waking up trying to work out how that song will sound on guitar or piano, working and reworking it until I've finally managed to make the lyrics fit what I've imagined.

A trip to Cornwall is one of the best ways to recharge that creative energy for me. I know, it sounds so cliche but there's something about sea air and switching off from everyday life that helps the music flow.

That's what I'm doing this weekend; I'm going to be inspired by the Cornish coast.

The last time I went to Cornwall I finished up the work on a single which I'm excited to release this year - but not quite ready to announce yet, so here are some photos from that trip instead!

Don't forget! Dill Cafe in Alton is hosting me next week - 17th February 2023, 8pm onwards for an evening of music, food and drinks. You can book a table with them in advance at

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